Wild and Untamed Slots

  • £12.50

Slots for our brand new wild and untamed tee. 

Please also leave a note with ink colour and tee colour. 

Garment colours are as follows:

Short sleeved tee (3-6 months- 9-11 years)-  Mocha (up to 2 years, Creamy Pink (from 3 years up), Sand (as pictured and from 3 years up), Khaki, Peach, Grey, Black Marl, Aqua, Dusky Pink White. 

Long Sleeves (0-3 months-5-6 years)- Black, Grey, Navy, White

Raglan (6-12 months-5-6 years)- Black and White Long Sleeves, Maroon and White Long Sleeves, Grey and White Long Sleeves, Peach and white 3/4 length, Blue and white 3/4 length, black and grey 3/4 length.

Hooded Long Sleeves (0-3 months - 5-6 years)- Maroon or Navy

Sweater (6-12 months- 9-10 years)- Grey, Black, Navy, Khaki

Zip Hoodie (6-12 months-5-6 years)- Black, Grey, Khaki, Navy

Dungs (sizing generous 6-12 month- 5-6 years)- Black, Grey, Khaki, Dusky Pink

Onesie Fleece Lined- Dusky Pink, Khaki, Black, Grey

Dresses (6-12 months- 5-6 years)- Dusky pink fleece lined, khaki fleece lined, black fleece, grey fleece, baby pink cotton, grey cotton, black cotton.