About Us

So we have finally arrived. 
Welcome To Marloweville! 
A community of coolness, where its all about YOUR mini-citizen. 
All our designs are inspired by doodles, dreams, imaginative play and the quirky uniqueness found in our children. 
For me the journey to Marloweville started way before Marlowe even existed. 
I was never the creative type growing up but taught myself to face and body paint 5 years ago whilst being off work and immobile after hip surgery. Something inside of me had awoken and now creating and making pretty things is what drives me everyday.
The destination itself, Marloweville, is symbolic of embracing that community aspect that instagram has offered me and my family since Marlowe birth.  
It is about creating a way of channelling my own creativity in order to break free from the shackles of the daily grind, to allow me to spend more time with my son and my family, doing something I love. Marloweville is a place I can share my ideas and designs. encouraging others to get involved with the process. 
By making many of our T-shirts customisable we hope to nurture a dialogue of ideas between ourselves and the citizenship.  
So thank you for visiting our town and reading about our history. We do hope you join us.